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ALL CLASSES - Subscribe to the calendar, check the calendar, don't procrastinate!

 #scistuchat on Thursday, follow link and check the date & time.  It's structured: address a person (@person) and deal with question 1 (or the current question) with A1 or A2.  You get the idea.


AP Chem - New online Homework posted, pay attention to due dates.  Plus, 2 explore labs and your first Inquiry Lab (which also means your first poster); not to mention your first test!  All dates on the calendar.


Y A&P - The lab MUST be done during class Tuesday; your last flipped questions will be Tues night; case study Thurs; review Friday; TEST TUESDAY!! Brace yourselves.

H Chem - There's lots on the calendar: TEST, online homework, etc.  And, there's still labs to do...no procrastinating!


Chem - Your test is on the calendar!  Get your stuff together: last chance to ask questions.  Next online homework due dates also posted.


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